Dear colleagues

The 5th World Photographic Cup is coming soon: are you ready for a new exciting ride?

Registrations will open on July 1st, therefore, it’s time to start to create your new national team for the edition 2018!

As always, it will be up to the team captains to log-in, submit the pictures, indicate the name of  the national judge and confirm the registration with the payment of the entry fee, which is 400 Euros per team, as it was last year.

Please respect the deadline of September 30th . (You will be able to enter through our new starting from July 1st.)

Briefing meetings!

To facilitate your job, this year we have scheduled 2 online briefings (using the “go to meeting” facility), on July 17th at 09:00 CET (Central Europe Time), and repeated on July 19th at 22:00 CET.  You will receive a special invitation and a link. Make your favourite choice considering your timeline, but please do not forget to attend this event. It will help you to point the helm towards SeaWorld – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where hopefully, on May 6th 2018 , your team members and your team itself, will be receiving the prestigious finalist certificates, the amazing medals,  and why not grabbing the big trophy!

New award!Rules are not changed this year, but we are happy to introduce the NEW WPC Nation Awards. This will be given to the authors of  the highest scored image of each and all entered teams! So, if everybody is a winner entering the WPC, this is now true more than ever!

New social media!

We invite you to join our NEW WPC Community on Facebook:  you and all your team members may join the newborn group at

Get informed and inspired sharing your thoughts with the best photographers from around the world…

WPC Partners!

We are also happy to inform  you  that we just signed an agreement for tightening  the relationships with ourGOLD SPONSOR  ,  and with  . We will organize with those prestigious brands a continuous cooperation on our initiatives, including some nice surprises for the WPC Community on Facebook,  and, soon, on the other major social media!

In the enclosed documents, you will find the official invitation by the WPC governing committee and all you need to know about the WPC: dates and timeline, awards, rules, technical requirements, categories description, judging process and criteria etc.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to receiving your beautiful images…Good luck and all the best!

WPC Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe Scozzi

World Photographic Cup

Secretariat: Via Monte Calcara 13 – 00060 Castelnuovo di Porto (Rome) – Italy   –

or find us on facebook:

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